Armed Pinnace 748 Scale 1:16 Length 620mm. This is a lovely scale model of nineteenth century armed cutter. These fast and efficient boats were used, among other duties, as coastguard patrol boats and for night raids into enemy ports. A plank on frame construction, the kit contains:- B...
Category: Period Ship Kit
MANTUA'S Panart 1749 Royal Caroline 1:47 Scale Kit - King George II Royal Yacht SPECIAL PRICE FOR MARCH 2017 This kit contains a superb range of Lost Wax Brass Cast Fittings and probably represents the best value Period Ship Kit under £300.00 Royal Caroline 750 Scale 1:47 ...
Victory 738 Scale 1:78 Length 1300mm. This kit makes up into a fine model of the flagship to Admiral Lord Nelson during the battle of Trafalgar on 21st October 1805 and is the most famous of the great British fighting ships. She can be visited at Portsmouth dockyard where she is preserved for poster...